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My Vow

I’m a blog stalker.

I absolutely love reading other blogs. I enjoy witty and funny words from the humor blogs. I like reading about new babies and annoying husbands. Sometimes, I even tolerate a good sad story.

I just like getting inside other people’s lives. It’s like watching nighttime television. So much fun.

I have a small problem though… I never comment on the amazing words of other writers. I feel like I’m intruding on their lives or something. Yes, I realize that they enjoy getting comments, but I rarely leave them.

I’m changing my ways though. From now on, I’m going to comment on every single blog I read. It might be a short, totally lame comment, but I’m going to make it.

Would you like to join me in this quest to spread happiness in the form of comments to the entire world? Wouldn’t that be fun?


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Meet J. Turtle

Our little town had their annual Santa Fe Trail Days this weekend. One of the events normally includes a “turtle race” for the kiddies.

Jamey had been asking me and Colby for days to bring her a turtle.


She is a very persistent little girl. Colby melts every time she asks him for anything.

Fortunately, I saw one on Friday when I was driving through the country. I brought him home where Jamey was free to play (torment) the poor animal all weekend.

jamey&turtle copy

She had a delightful time and ended up naming him J. Turtle.

The “turtle races” ended up being canceled because Jamey was the only kid in the entire county to have one to race, but she brought him home to play anyway.

Jake had a lot of fun playing with him too.

jake&turtle3 copy

You could tell that he was totally freaked out by J. Turtle.


I just knew he Jake’s nose was going to get bit… but it never happened.

But that would have been very funny, in a mean way.


We all had a blast with our new friend, but we let him go this morning. He needs to be free to crawl through the grass, eat bug or grass or whatever it is turtles eat, and meet that special girl that is out there for him.

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Exhausted, Overworked, and Busy.

I have been running in overdrive for the past week.

Between working and trying to spend time with Colby, I have absolutely no free time. (Did I talk about this in my last entry? Yes, I think I did.)

On Wednesday I traveled to my new college to work on getting transferred. After about three hours of walking around in circles, I think I might have gotten it all figured out. It was rough. I did not realize that transferring was like adopting a child or running for president.

Believe me- it is.

I did get to tour the apartment where I will probably live next year. It has a much better setup and larger rooms than my last apartment. Even better, it’s cheaper.

Colby finished corn planting. We are now gearing up for wheat harvest. I visit him in the field almost everyday after work. Sometimes I bring him dinner and ride around with him for a while.

It actually is a lot like this song… except I’m never dressed up these days. I’m wear old stained up work shirts and muddy boots all the time.

I’m going to work on updating more regularly now… Seriously. This once a week stuff is ridiculous.

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Hi guys,

I haven’t posted all week, because I have had no time. In the last five days I’ve gotten sunburned twice, worked my first week of my summer job, and watched Colby farm.

It’s been a great time… not. Actually, I’ve been totally exhausted by the end of the day and barely have time to check my blog, much less write anything.

Anyway, to celebrate my totally overwhelming life, I’m going to stick to something easy and relaxing. Run over to Saturday 9 for some great times. You won’t regret it.

Saturday 9: Uninvited

1. Do you mind people to show up uninvited?
Not really. My parents’ house is always swimming with people. I’m totally used to it.

2. Last person you talked to on the phone?
Mr. Colby Quinn. (I love love him.)

3. Last person on your missed call list?
I don’t think I’ve ever missed a call on my new BlackBerry. That sounds really pathetic… Remember, I’ve only had it for two weeks…

4. Who calls you the most?

5. What is your favorite song about breaking up?
“Better as a Memory,” by Kenny Chesney.

6. If someone sent you an unexpected gift, what would you like it to be?
I’m would love a really good book. I’ve been in the reading mood lately, but I can’t get into anything my mom brought home from the library.

7. Your classic rock station plays the top songs of all time. What is number one?
Let’s see… I love “Faithfully” by Journey, but this is a really hard choice. I really like all Journey songs though. I must think my mother some day for indoctrinating me in the 80s music.

8. Do you live for today or tomorrow?
I try to live for today, but really I’m working for tomorrow. I mean, I’m a college student. I don’t always enjoy school, but I realize it’s helping me “prepare for the future.”

9. What movie villain scared you as a kid?
Cruella Devil. Oh gosh. She was scary… I like my puppies with their fur.

I hope you are all having a great weekend.

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Awesome New Things

I have three really awesome new things in my life right now.

First off, I have a shiny new Blackberry Curve. This phone rocks. (Yes, I know it’s a 1 ½ years old, but I wanted to make sure they worked all the kinks out. Plus, I had to keep my old phone for two years.)

It’s ammmmazing. It has really cool facebook, myspace, and twitter applications and an amazing browser. It has this really remarkable sensor in the screen and dims or brightens depending on the light conditions, which means that I can see to text while outside. At night, I can flip on the “phone only” setting which means I won’t get woken up by texts or e-mail. My Blackberry is perfect. I honestly can’t think of one thing I would change on the thing.

And I’m not even getting paid to say that.

My next, life changing, amazing thing would be my new CURLY hair. I got a perm last Tuesday and since then I have spent about fifteen minutes on my hair. I used to spend about thirty minutes a day blow drying and strengthening my hair. Now, I just pick it out and add a little curling spray to my hair. I don’t even have to brush it.

I think it looks cute, too. I like it better straight, but I’m still basking in the amazing-ness of not having to strengthen it. I won’t be going curly for the rest of my life, but I think it’s the PERFECT summer hairstyle.

(Yes, I realize this would be the perfect time to post a pic of my new hair, but I’m lazy and not really feeling up to it. Soon, I promise.)

Last off, I’m starting my new, but not really new, job on Tuesday. I’m working at the same place I did last summer for the USDA Forrest Service. That’s not really the amazing thing though, because I don’t love the job. I love the paycheck I get every two weeks.

My job is pretty easy. I drive around all day checking fences and acting busy. It’s a typical government job. And I have regular paychecks… like once every two weeks. That hasn’t happened since last summer and I’m really looking forward to that.

I’m working on being positive lately. It’s easy when I have so many amazing things going on in my life.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

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  1. What kind of out-of-school lessons did you take as a kid?

Honestly, I took ski lessons once, but I think that’s all I’ve got. I was really busy with stuff related to school when I was a kid… I didn’t have much time out of school for anything else.

2. What valuable lesson did you learn this past week?

I over-indulged last weekend and had my first real hangover. I was also experiencing the worst cramps in the world. Vodka and PMS together can be a real bad deal. When you do this, you should just admit your hangover and stay in bed. Don’t volunteer to go to work with your boyfriend. You just might find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere for ten hours.

3. Who in your life really needs to be taught a lesson?

I’m trying to be happy and positive today, so I’m not even going to go there.

4. What kinds of lessons would you love to have a private teacher for right now?

Photoshop and just general photography. I’m planning a bit purchase of a SLR in the next few weeks and I want to learn how to shoot manual. Luckily, there are a lot of really good resources on the internet and I’m going to try to teach myself.

5. What steps have you taken to lessen the impact of these rough economic times?

Honestly, I’m a college student who has been putting myself through college. Things were already so tight for me that the rough times haven’t affected me at all. Of course, I’m also really glad I’m not about to graduate and need a job. That would suck.

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Jake Henry

My dog- Jake Henry- is something else. He’s quite quirky and has been described as the “weirdest dog in the world.” Personally, I take that as a compliment.

I don’t think he minds much either.

Jake Henry

Jake came to our family two years ago. My beloved Border Collie, Stormy, died mysteriously one night. She was only four years old. I was devastated and vowed to never get another Border Collie.

My mom had other plans though. She immediately started looking for rescue dogs, knowing that I couldn’t handle another Border Collie puppy. Border Collie puppies are cute, cuddly and leave messes resembling tornado damage. Life with a young, hyper, untrained Border Collie can be rough.

She found Jake across the state, living on the Arkansas- Oklahoma border with his breeder. He had spent the first year of his life on the East Coast, living in an apartment with three with girls. Border Collies aren’t the type of dog that you force into small areas and it is vital that they have a yard to run in.

My mother and I traveled across the state to pick Jake up less than a week after my high school graduation. I repeatedly told her that I didn’t want another dog. I was leaving for college at the end of the summer and it wouldn’t really be my dog anyway. She kept after me, promising to take care of him while I was gone.

Looking back, I think my mom just wanted another Border Collie.

Jake was absolutely scared of the entire world when we picked him up. He actually bit my mother when she reached down to pet him. His breeder actually uttered these words: “Well, we can’t have him biting people. Don’t worry about taking him… I’ll have him put down tomorrow.”

Umm... That's Good

My mom looked at me asking, “What do you think we should do?” I thought back over the day. We had traveled eight hours out of our way and I thought it would be ridiculous if we went home without him.

“We’ll take him. We already came all this way and if it doesn’t work out with us, maybe we can find someone to take him.” I had no idea what we were going to do with the dog, but I knew we weren’t going to let this women kill him for being scared.

We loaded him in a crate in the back of my mom’s vehicle and started on the way home. We had absolutely no idea what we were going to do with the dog when we got home. Would he bite us again? Would he hurt Jamey? (She was only four at the time.)

We arrived home at about 3 A.M. the next morning and unloaded Jake’s crate into our kennel outside. He came out, happy to have some food and water. We then left him for the night collapsing into our beds.

The next morning we began our work with Jake. He was still scared, but much more responsive. He had never spent the night in a kennel and wanted out. Desperately. He cowered near the floor, but never once bit at any female member of our family.

He was a little untrustworthy of men though. For weeks, my father would have to regain his trust when he came home. It was hard, but in less than six weeks Jake had turned into a totally different dog. He was more calm, relaxed, and trusting.

I think it’s important to point out that Jake never once snapped at Jamey. They were buddies from the beginning. We wouldn’t have kept him around if he would have shown any aggression towards her.

My... I love that flash!

We’ve had Jake for two years now. In that time, his personality has really came out.

Border Collies often find one thing they really enjoy and obsess over that activity. Jake loves chasing shadows. He will pounce on a shadow as it moves across the floor, much like a cat will. He also loves flashlight beams. He will chase shadows or light around for hours at a time.

This obsession with light makes it very easy to get a good picture of Jake. He will actually sit and pose when someone gets out a camera, waiting for the flash. It’s quite funny.

He’s also increadably smart and knows several tricks. He learns things quickly, often without us teaching him. I can tell him, “Let’s go to bed,” and he’ll run outside and wait on the steps of the camper I sleep in when I’m home. My mom can say “Marla’s home,” and he starts jumping up and down, obviously excited.

Merry Christmas

Looking back, I can’t believe that Jake was almost put down. He wasn’t a real danger to anyone; his breeder just didn’t want to put the time in to help him.

Furthermore, I can’t believe that this dog was sent to live in an apartment. I’m not sure if he was abused, but I do know that his former owners didn’t put near enough time in socializing him.

Thank goodness this amazing animal came into our lives. Our family’s lives have been improved by having him around.

I’m a strong advocate of rescue dogs. Abandoned dogs are usually scared and want nothing more than a loving family to care for them. Be a hero and rescue your next family pet. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

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Awesome News

I’ve had awesome news for over a week, but I just realized that I hadn’t shared it here.

After a semester of about a million tests and five billion homework assignments, I finished the semester with all A’s!

This is actually the third semester that I’ve had all A’s… My first semester I got a B and a C so my GPA is now only a 8.83. Every semester I try to knock up my GPA bit by bit… but that C did some ugly things.

Don’t think I’m bragging, because I’m totally not. My grades are very important to me though, and I spend endless hours studying and writing papers. It gives me great satisfaction to know that hard work will always eventually pay off.

And that makes me smile!

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The 29’er Meme

Hi guys. I spent about twelve hours yesterday on the tractor, so I missed getting around to doing Sunday Stealing. It’s Monday morning and what would be better than a little meme time.

Sunday Stealing: The 29’er Meme

1. What bill do you hate paying the most?
I hate all bills. They are the plague of my life.

2. Where was the last place you had a romantic dinner?
Me and Colby had a romantic dinner of Pizza at his house last night. We were both totally exhausted, but he rubbed my feet afterward. Does that count?

3. How many colleges did you attend?
So far… only one. I’m transferring next semester, so it will at least two.

4. Why did you choose the shirt that you have on right now?
Because it was on the top of the pile.

5. First thought when the alarm went off this morning?
I’m on vacation… No alarms.

6. Last thought before going to sleep last night?
“Dang, it is so hot in here.”

7. What do you miss being a child?
I miss the excitement of doing nothing all summer. I’m started my summer job in a week and I’m totally dreading it.

8. What errand/chore do you despise?
Doing the dishes. I don’t mind doing anything else, but I hate sticking my hands in dirty water.

9. Have you found real love yet?
Yes… I am so very happy about my farmer.

10. What do you get every time you go into Wal-Mart?
Cereal. I always need more cereal.

11. Do you think marriage is an outdated ritual?
No… I think dominating husbands are outdated though.

12. What famous person would you like to have dinner with?
Orlando Bloom. He’s my ultimate celebrity crush. Hottie.

13. Ever had to use a fire extinguisher for its intended purpose?

14. Somewhere in California you’ve never been and would like to go?
I never been to California at all. I would love to go see the Giant Red Wood trees.

15. At this point in your life would you rather start a new career or a new relationship?
New career. I’m happy with my relationship.

16. Do you have a “go to” person?
Yes. I am very lucky.

17. Are you where you want to be in life?
I’m getting there.

18. Over the years, what about you do you think has changed the most?
My view of the world. I used to want a big fancy career. Now I just want to be a good person, living a happy life.

19. Looking back at high school were they the best years of your life?
Heck no. I had several classmates who acted like high school was all that mattered and I laughed at them then and now.

20. Are there times you still feel like a kid?
Yes. Like when I don’t know how to do something or get lost or have to pay rent.

21. Where was the hang out spot when you were a teenager?
On main street of our tiny town. It’s still the place to be.

22. Who do you think impacted your life the most?
My parents.

23. Was there a teacher or authority figure that stood out for you?
Yes. I had several great teachers in high school.

24. Do you tell stories that start with “when I was your age”?
No… I’m not that old yet.

25. What is the scariest thing that has happened to you as an adult?
I stress about my families health all the time. Having two family members die of cancer in the last two months is hard.

26. What advice would you give to someone about to get married?
I’m not married… so I have no idea.

27. What advice would you give someone starting their first job?
Work hard and be responsible. You’re boss will appreciate it.

28. If you could go back and change one thing you did, what would it be?
I would have gone to college closer to home straight out of high school. Instead a ran off and I’m now having to move back.

29. If you could go back and change one thing someone else did, what would it be?
I really can’t think of anything. Is that weird?

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Robbing the Place, Cracks, Blogs, & Geographic Locations

Hi guys. It’s Thursday and we all know that means it’s time for Thursday Thunks.

This week we will answer some crazy questions brought to you by Kimber, taken over by Berleen, the color carrot orange and the number 94.

1. You are at the store when suddenly 2 men walk in with guns and rob the place. Are you the hero, quiet & follow the rules type, or try to make a run for it?
I think this totally depends whether or not I’m alone. I like to think I would behave heroically to save someone I love. If I was alone, I would probably sit back and be quiet. Of course, I would never know for sure unless this happened.

2. Do you like Twizzlers?
They are okay.

3. Are you a YouTube watcher?
Not really. I get on YouTube about once a month.

4. When a auto glass store calls you and asks if you have a chip or crack in your windshield, what do you tell them?
Well, I have a tiny crack right now, so I’d probably admit that.

5. What is the age difference between you and your father?
Twenty-four years.

6. Have you ever tried to find the end of a rainbow?
Maybe. 😀

7. Camping – recreational vehicle or tent?
Recreational vehicle. I’m actually living in one right now because my parents kicked me out of the house back when I graduated from high school.

8. Have you ever had to call 9-1-1?
No. Thank God.

9. Who is your favorite blog in the Thursday Thunk bloggers to visit?
I’m actually not picky. I haven’t been doing this for too long, so I usually just click around and visit 5-10 people.

10. How long do you think you could live locked in your house on the food that you have on hand right now?
Probably a week.

11. Pepper – shaker or grinder?

12. What state (or country if you are not in the US) is 2 states west of you?

13. What color do you believe you look best in?

and once again… next week is Thursday Thunkers Questions… so….

14. What is your question submission for next week?
What song one would you listen to over and over if you absolutely had to?

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